Bruce Kramer Out in 25th Place ($14,025)

Aug 27, 2014

Taylor McFarland opens to 28,000 in early position and Bruce Kramer three-bets all in for 33,000 from middle position. Gene OLeary calls from the next seat over, McFarland calls and the flop falls [9c5d4h].

OLeary checks out of position, then folds to a bet from McFarland who shows [KcKd]. 

"I need an ace," says Kramer as he shows [Ah7s].

"No you’re ahead," says OLeary. "Low cards!"

The [9c] turn and [8c] river complete the board, scoring the elimination for McFarland.

However, Kramer now thinks that he wins and exchanges a high five with OLeary.

"He has kings," points out everyone else at the table.

"Oh! I though it was jack-king," replies OLeary.

Taylor McFarland – 1,310,000 (109 bb)
Bruce Kramer – Out in 25th Place ($14,025)

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