Bruno Lopes Doubles Thru Mike Leah

Nov 5, 2014

Bruno Lopes raises to 1,700 from the cutoff and Mike Leah calls from the small blind.

The flop falls [8c5h3c] and Leah checks to Lopes who continues for 2,200. Leah check-raises to 5,500, Lopes shoves for 22,900 and Leah calls.

Lopes: [Ks8d]
Leah: [Ac4c]

The [Kh] turn gives Lopes two pair and Leah finds no help from the [7h] river, securing the double up for Lopes.

Bruno Lopes – 50,000 (62 bb)
Mike Leah – 108,000 (135 bb)

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