Bruno Martins Doubles Thru Matt Stout in Massive Pot

Sep 16, 2014

Bruno Martins
Matt Stout opens from middle position and Bruno Martins three-bets to about 6,000 from the next seat over. Action folds back to Stout who calls to see a [Kh7h6c] flop.

Stout checks to Martins who continues for 6,000. Stout check-raises to 15,000, Martins reraises to about 41,000 and Stout calls. The [8s] turn is checked by both players, landing the [8c] river. Stout bets roughly 45,000 and Martins raises all in for for 101,700.

Stout calls and tables [7c7d] for sevens full of eights, but Martins has him beat with [KdKs] for kings full of eights

Stout, down to about 37,000, busts shortly thereafter.

Bruno Martins – 305,000 (305 bb)
Matt Stout – Eliminated

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