Brian Lemke Doubles Up To Take The Chip Lead

Feb 26, 2016

Brian Lemke
We catch up to the heads up action on a board of Heart 10Club 3Spade 9Spade 8 with over 120,000 in the main pot. A player bets 62,000 and Brian Lemke moves all in for his last 191,200. His opponent has Lemke covered and after giving it some thought he makes the call and the hands are shown.

Lemke: Diamond 10Spade 10
Opponent: Spade AHeart A

Lemke is holding top set and will need to avoid a river ace to score the massive double up. The Diamond 9 completes the board improving Lemke to a full house. Lemke scoops the biggest pot of the tournament thus far and vaults into the chip lead with just 20 minutes left here on Day 1A.

Brian Lemke- 525,000

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