Bryan Leskowitz Eliminated in 13th Place ($11,106)

Feb 29, 2016

Bryan Leskowitz
The action folds to Bryan Leskowitz in the cutoff and he moves all in for 730,000. John Lee reshoves all in from the button for 1,100,000. Both of the blinds fold and the hands are shown.

Leskowitz: Heart AClub 7
Lee: Diamond AHeart Q

The dealer spreads a flop of Spade AHeart 9Heart 6 and both players pair their ace. “I’ve got the ace of hearts” Leskowitz says as he wishes for some backdoor outs. The turn is the Club 10 and Leskowitz picks up a gutshot straight draw.

The Heart 10 completes the board earning Lee the pot and sending Leskowitz to the rail. Leskowitz is our 13th place finisher collecting $11,106 for his efforts.

John Lee- 2,050,000

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