Bryan Stares Down Eminoglu

Nov 10, 2014

 With just two levels of play left, Gary Bryan raises all-in over Yucel ‘Mad Turk’ Emingolu’s bet on a board of [8hAh3cKc] The raise is for 77,200, with 67,500 already in the middle. 

"I know you have ace-king." Eminoglu declares. "I can’t believe I’m thinking of calling this off with pocket fives." 

Eventually, though, after enjoying some intense staring with Gary, Yucel lays it down, determined to talk his way out of the hand and into the next one. Some things never change… 

Elsewhere, George Evans is all-in on a board of [8hAh3cKc] and is tank-called by Mark Hamilton. 

George: [2h4h] 
Mark: [Jh9h] 

It’s a pretty awful spot for George, but Evans above! The [4c] river hands him the pot. 

"You know what….?" states Hamilton. 

The table pause. Some players cover their ears in preparation. 

"…That’s actually disgusting." 

It’s a meek blow-up from the mild-mannered Hamilton, who can console himself with having 60,000 at blinds of 1,000/2,000/300. George Evans has around 85,000 after that hand. 

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