Bubble: Bruce Kramer Doubles Thru Darren Elias

Nov 6, 2014

Bruce Kramer
After a flop of [Ac9h7s], Bruce Kramer (pictured) moves all in from the small blind for 20,500. Darren Elias calls from middle position, and a third player folds in late position.

Kramer shows [AdJs] for a pair of aces, and he needs it to hold to stay alive against Elias’s [9d8h] (pair of nines).

The turn is the [As], the river is the [6d], and Kramer wins the pot with trip aces to double up in chips.

Bruce Kramer  –  65,000  (21 bb)
Darren Elias  –  422,000  (140 bb)

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