Bubble: Jason Deutsch Doubles Thru Jimmy Lee

Sep 17, 2014

Jason Deutsch
After Tom Dobrilovic was eliminated on the Money Bubble, there were still a couple hands in progress, including this one.

With the final board showing [AsQc9h7s10c] on the river and about 210,000 already in the pot, Jimmy Lee checks the big blind, and Jason Deutsch (pictured above) moves all in from the cutoff for 180,000. Lee goes into the tank.

With the TV cameras, reporters, and players from other tables hovering, Lee tanks for a couple of minutes before he calls with a nearly identical stack.

Deutsch shows [AdAh] for a set of aces, and Lee says, "Well, that’s pretty sick." Lee mucks, and Deutsch wins the pot to double up in chips, crippling Lee in the process.

Jason Deutsch  –  570,000  (95 bb)
Jimmy Lee  –  11,000  (1.8 bb)

Even though he lost the pot, Jimmy Lee is guaranteed a cash since he survived the Money Bubble. (Which quite possibly weighed into his decision on whether or not to call.)

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