Bubble, What Bubble?

Nov 16, 2014

On the money bubble yesterday, play lasted hand-for-hand for an hour when six all-in and at risk players survived, only for one to eventually bust seveth-time… unlucky. 

Today, with 53 players remaining, three people were all-in as hand-for-hnad began and the sweat on the WPT Main Event seat (worth £3,000 and given to all of the Top 50 players) was on the line. All three players busted and there was no sweat at all, a ripple of applause echoing around Dusk Till Dawn. 

The biggest hand of the day has just happened, and Paul Robinson made th profit from it. Nick Holbrook raised to 400,000 pre-flop, and was called by Robinson and another. On the flop of [8s7s6s] Holbrook checked and Robinson shoved for his remaining 400,000 or so. Folds all round, with Holbrook showing [AdKh] and Robinson claiming he had [AsJs]. He had the option to show…  

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