Buckle Up, Buckner Has Chips

Feb 21, 2016

On Day 1 of a big live tournament it’s always fun to look for exciting tables with lots of big names, and we just found one where – as we walked up – a huge hand went down.

The current World Series of Poker Main Event champion – Joe McKeehen – is seated at a table with Ankush Mandavia, Stan Jablonski and Steven Buckner, and the latter was the one winning the big pot was just saw go down.

In a single-raised pot with five players involved, the flop showed Heart JHeart 10Spade 10 and the action checked to Buckner who bet 4,500. Only one player – in position – called, and the turn brought the Heart Q.

Buckner quickly fired out 9,000 on the turn and pushed his remaining chips a bit forward, hinting wanted to play for it all. After a while Buckner’s opponent indeed moved all in, and he was called right away.

“If you have a full house, you’ve got it and I’m going home,” Buckner said as he got up from his seat.

Buckner showed Heart AHeart 7 for the nut flush, but he was in great shape against he Diamond 9Heart 8 of his opponent.

The only card Buckner needed to dodge was the king of hearts, and the river brought the Diamond 4 to give him a big double up. Buckner now sits on around 53,000 chips.

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