Bui Takes Some From Ormsby

Feb 23, 2016

The action just folded around to Mike Bui in the small blind, and he limped. David Ormsby checked his option and the flop brought out Diamond JSpade 4Club 7.

Bui checked to Ormsby on the flop, who bet 40,000. Bui check-raised to 210,000 and Ormsby tanked for quite some time before making the call.

The turn brought the Club A and Ormsby called a bet worth 270,000.

On the river – after thinking for about a minute – Bui checked. Ormsby gave it some thought as well before checking behind.

Bui showed Heart JHeart 7 and his rail cheered, as his two pair hand won the pot.

Mike Bui – 2,900,000 (72bb)
David Ormsby – 1,560,000 (39bb)

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