Busquet Cracks Ace-King and Aces to Take the Lead

Jun 20, 2021

Chris Kruk makes it 2,400 from the button with Spade AClub K and Olivier Busquet calls with Heart 10Club 9. They both check on the Diamond 8Spade 3Spade K flop which gives a free Heart J turn to make things interesting. Busquet bets over pot for 6,672 and Kruk calls. The Heart Q completes the board and Busquet’s straight and he bets 14,878 into 18,144. Kruk calls and mucks.

Not much later, but with the level having gone up, Kruk finds Spade ADiamond A on the button and makes it 4,900. Busquet calls with Heart 9Diamond J and he flops best on Heart JClub 9Diamond K. Busquet checks and Kruk bets 7,350. Busquet calls and checks again on the Diamond 3 turn. Kruk bets 16,500 into 24,500 and Busquet shoves for 58,063. Kruk snap calls with the aces and loses as the Heart Q completes the board.

Olivier Busquet – 140,600
Chris Kruk – 59,400

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