Calvin Anderson vs. Lara Eisenberg

Jul 11, 2023

Calvin AndersonPhoto:  Calvin Anderson

Calvin Anderson raises to 1,600 from early position, the player in the hijack calls, and Lara Eisenberg calls in the big blind.

The flop is Diamond 10Club 9Spade 7, Eisenberg checks, Anderson bets 2,500, the hijack folds, and Eisenberg calls.

The turn is the Diamond J, Eisenberg checks, Anderson bets 2,500, Eisenberg raises to 7,500, and Anderson calls.

The river is the Club 8, Eisenberg moves all in for about 10,000, and Anderson calls.

Eisenberg shows Spade 8Spade 5, Anderson shows Diamond 9Diamond 8, and they chop the pot with a jack-high straight.

Calvin Anderson  –  181,000  (226 bb)
Lara Eisenberg  –  24,000  (30 bb)

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