Campbell And Steer - The Final Showdown!

Nov 11, 2014

 Philip Steer and Richard Campbell have been clashing all day, but they have done so for the last time, with almost identical stacks going into the hand, and all of it going to the victory. It’s basically what Rocky VII is going to be based on in a few years when Sky Stallone fancies a better swimming pool.

We join the action on a flop of [7d5s4h], as Philip Steer makes it 6,000 to see another card, and Campbell (pictured) casually tosses in the call.  On the turn of [4c], Steer open-shoves for another 15,000 or so, and Campbell has no issue calling it off. 

Richard Campbell: [QhQd] 
Philip Steer: [KhKc] 

Campbell is in a right soup, and is Steered out of the tournament when the ineffectual [3s] falls. Philip stacks up 60,000, well above the 44,210 average. 

Campbell is out then, but he has the option of a re-entry today, up until around 8.40pm when registration closes for Day 1C. 

We’ll be welcoming a genuine pugilist par excellence on Saturday, of course, when Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch takes to the felt. 

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