Campbell Steered Towards Trouble

Nov 11, 2014

We joined the action between just two players as Philip Steer threw out a bet of 1,700 into a pot of around 5,000 on a flop of [AcKhQc], his only opponent, Richard Campbell, making a very quick call.  

The turn of [Td] leads to a check from Steer, but he calls Campbell’s bet of 2,000. On the river of [5c], both Campbell and Steer obviously fear the flush coming in and are happy to get to showdown without any more money going into an already inflated pot. 

Richard Campbell: [AsKd] 
Philip Steer: [QhQs] 

Steer wins a big one, and Campbell rues his luck a little, although that river probably saved him a chunk. Plenty of time. 

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