Carter Huynh Doubles Thru Gregory Back

Jan 11, 2020

Gregory Back raises to 2,300 preflop from late position, Markus Gonsalves calls on the hijack, Bill Klein calls on the small blind, and Carter Huynh reraises all in for 20,600 from the big blind. Back calls to cover him, and both Gonsavles and Klein fold. Here is a look at their cards.

Huynh: Heart KClub K
Back: Club AClub J

Board: Spade 9Diamond 9Club 5Heart 10Diamond 10

Huynh doubles up to survive with 48,700, and Back is down to 19,000 after the hand.

Carter Huynh – 48,700 (48 bb)
Gregory Back – 19,000 (19 bb)

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