Cecil-Chipo Moagi Doubles Through Christian Teubner

Jan 13, 2020

Cecil-Chipo Moagi is on the button and Christian Teubner in the big blind. Most of the chips go in the middle at this point, with Moagi leaving 100,000 behind (due to the impending pay jump).

On the Diamond QDiamond KHeart 6 flop, Moagi gets the last 10k in but following a lot of tanking (again due to the impending pay jump).

Cecil-Chipo Moagi: Heart AHeart 5
Christian Teubner: Diamond 4Heart 4

The Heart 8 river improves Moagi to a flush draw and the Heart 7 makes it on the river.

Cecil-Chipo Moagi – 570,000
Christian Teubner – 1,200,000

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