Cecil-Chipo Moagi Eliminated by Boris Smuskevicius

Jan 13, 2020

Daniel Szymanski opens to 60,000 under the gun and Cecil-Chipo Moagi three-bets to 200,000 all in. It folds round to Boris Smuskevicius in the small blind and he goes all in over the top for 335,000. Szymanski folds and they turn over their cards.

Boris Smuskevicius: Diamond AHeart 10
Cecil-Chipo Moagi: Club KSpade Q

The board falls Heart 2Diamond QDiamond 4Diamond 10Diamond 9 and Smuskevicius makes a flush by the river to eliminate Moagi.

Boris Smuskevicius – 650,000
Cecil-Chipo Moagi – eliminated

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