Chance Kornuth Doubles Thru Ping Liu

Jan 10, 2020

Chance Kornuth

Ping Liu raises to 1,800 preflop under the gun, Albertin Hernandez reraises to 5,500, and Chance Kornuth (pictured) reraises to 9,800 from the button. Liu reraises all in, Hernandez tanks for three minutes before folding, and Kornuth calls all in for 32,000. Here is a look at their cards.

Kornuth: Club AHeart A
Liu: Club QHeart Q

Board: Diamond QClub 10Club 8Club 3Club 4

Kornuth doubles up to survive with 66,000 thanks to the nut flush, and Liu is left with 20,000 after paying out the double.

Chance Kornuth – 66,000 (82 bb)
Ping Liu – 20,000 (25 bb)

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