Chance Kornuth Eliminated By Nick Jamison

Dec 13, 2023

Chance Kornuth-2
Photo: Chance Kornuth 

Action is picked up in a three-bet pot between Chance Kornuth in late position, Nick Jamison in the cutoff and another player in the small blind. 

The flop comes out Club 10Club 7Spade 6 and action checks to the button who bets 3,000, which both Kornuth and Jamison call. 

On the Spade K turn, Kornuth bets 18,000 which prompts Jamison to move all in for 73,400 effective which folds out the button and sends Kornuth into the tank. After some thought Kornuth calls to put himself at risk and the cards are turned over. 

Chance Kornuth: Club QClub 9
Nick Jamison: Spade 6Diamond 6

Jamison had flopped a set of sixes, while Kornuth had turns a double-gutted straight draw. The river Heart 9 did not complete the straight or flush draws, leaving Jamison’s set of sixes as the best hand and eliminating Kornuth from the tournament. 

Nick Jamison – 205,000 (410 bb)
Chance Kornuth – Eliminated

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