Chance Kornuth Rivers Two Pair to Move to 1.7 Million

Jan 12, 2020

Sebastiaan de Jonge raises to 18,000 on the button and both Duey Duong and Chance Kornuth calls in the blinds.

The flop lands Spade 6Spade 10Diamond 2 and after Duong checks, Kornuth leads out for 21,000.

De Jonge folds, and Duong calls before both players check the Heart Q on the turn.

The river is the Heart 7 and Duong checks. Kornuth bets 95,000, and Duong calls.

Kornuth tables his Club 10Club 7 for two pair, and Duong mucks.

Chance Kornuth – 1,690,000
Duey Duong – 1,492,000

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