Chance Kornuth vs. Shane Schleger

Feb 28, 2016

Chance Kornuth

A player limps under the gun for 800, Chance Kornuth (pictured) limps from the button, Shane Schleger completes the small blind, and Dana Kellstrom checks his option in the big blind.

All four players check to the turn on a board of Club KHeart 4Spade 2Diamond 3, and it checks to the UTG player, who bets 1,600. Kornuth calls, and Schleger check-raises to 4,100. Kellstrom and the UTG player both fold, and Kornuth calls.

The river card is the Diamond K, Schleger bets 9,000, and Kornuth folds. Schleger takes the pot.

Shane Schleger  –  38,200  (48 bb)
Chance Kornuth  –  160,000  (200 bb)

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