Charania Finally Wins an All-In Versus Apostolou

Oct 30, 2013

Peter Apostolou opens to 50,000 in first position and takes the blinds and antes.

Then the action folds to Mohsin Charania in the small blind who moves all-in, and Peter Apostolou calls in the big blind.


Charania: [Kh] [9d]
Apostolou: [6d] [6s]

Flop: [Qh] [7h] [3h]

A raft of hearts which is good news for Charania as he holds the [Kh].

Turn: [Ks]

Charania takes a huge lead with just the [6c] in the deck that help the Australian.

River: [Jd]

Charania doubles up to 465,000 and Apostolou is down to 480,000

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