Chattha and Ghatge Both Bust!

Nov 16, 2014

Charles Chatta It hasn’t taken long for two big names with short-stacks to get their chips into the middle, and we lose both pros who were at risk. 

Chaz chattha shoved for less than ten big blinds with [As4s] and was called by Chun Law with [KsJs]. the board of [Kd3s3dQc7c] was a painful one for Chattha, who misses out on the £3,000 Main Event seat, with all players in the top 50 places here in the WPT500 receiving one. Chattha exits 61st out of 2,091 players. 

Also missing out is Pratik Ghatge, who looked down at [KsJs], called the opening bet from a player with [AdJd] and saw a flop of [AcKc4h] which is when all the chips went in. No miraculous paint card or running cards could come to save him and he left in 60th.

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