Chattha Pounds The River

Nov 13, 2014

Charles Chatta

Chaz Chattha has a lot of respect on the World Poker Tour, having finished second to Dave Shallow in WPT Ireland in 2012 for over £90,000.  He’s back in action today in the WPT500, and just won a tasty pot on the river. 

His opponent had raised pre-flop, where Chaz and Kevin Allen (now up to 47,000) called. The flop fell [9cQsAd] and all three players checked. Chaz led the turn of [3h] and to the tune of 4,000 into a 9,000 pot, enough for both players to get out of the way.  

The amount of times that Chattha takes a pot without showdown really helps his image and it’s hard to know what he was in the hand with! 

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