Chattha Put to the Test

Sep 6, 2014

Sofia Lovgren opens to 250 in early position, Chaz Chattha calls in the hijack, the button calls, as does the big blind.

Flop: [8c] [6s] [2d]

The action checks to the player on the button, who bets 600, the big blind calls, Lovgren folds and Chattha calls.

Turn: [Td]

One again the button is handed the initiative. He bets 1,525 and only Chattha wants to see a fifth and final community card.

River: [5s]

Chattha checks, the button bets 3,250 and Chattha goes into thought mode. After a minute he starts trying to generate some talk from the button, but he isn’t having any of it. Chattha gives up and the pot goes to his opponent.

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