Chennells Overkills With Quads

Nov 9, 2014

Steve Chennells was in that precarious position with a middling stack but just under average, watching the rising blinds anxiously but not in immediate danger. that can be a tough position for a player to exist in profitably, but Chennells is feeling a lot happier after the last two hands.

All-in on a flop of [9s9c4c], he manages to get Ben Glanville to fold [TsTh] and one other player to call with [Ah6d], Chennells himself holding [As9d] . Glanville sighs with relief, before gasping in disbelief as the [Tc] fell on the turn, which would have fulfilled his full house. 

"I don’t believe it." he exclaims, before the dealer slams the [9h] onto the river. 

"Wow, overkill, or what?" laughs another player.  

Glanville breathes a huge sigh of relief. 

"I would have had your stack, too." quips Chennells. 

In the next hand, Chennells casually flicks in the 1800 chips needed to call both Glanville and Colin Young pre-flop. How easy those chips seemed to call with when just the hand before, they would have been protected. 

This time, the flop was a friendlier-looking [Qc3h8d] and Chennells and Glanville called Young’s bet of 2400.  To the turn, and the 3s. Everyone checks, but on the river of [Td], Chennells and Glanville don’t fancy it, so Young pops a 5k chip into the middle. Folds all round, and Young looks pleased at having displayed power at the crucial time. 

"I had two-pair with the ace." says Chennells.

Young smiles.

"So did I."  

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