Chips With Everything as Tamer Tumbles

Nov 9, 2014

We were going to bring you some of the prominent names and stacks here at the WPT-500 Day 1a, but Tamer Kamel has managed to bustv before his name appeared on the board. Having been gorund down to just 8,000 chips at the current blinds, he called a shove from Colin Young, who turned over [AsQs]. Tamer only had [KcWc] and despite a sweaty board of [4dAc3h5cTh] he departed. 

Another player to lose a big pot is Simon Tomsett. Simon was all-in with pocket queens, but way behind the K-K of his opponent, who had around a third of his chips at the start of the hand. Londoner Tomsett drops from around 45,000 back to starting stack. 

The battle for the chip-lead between Brandon Sheils and Terry Jordon has gathered even more pace, with the pair of them busting players left, right and centre. Terry Jordon is siting as pretty as he can manage on 133,000, but even that monster stack is dwarfed by the 143,000 that sheils shields. 

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