Chouity Figures it Out

Sep 6, 2014

Nicolas Chouity Nicolas Chouity opens to 700 in midfield, and then calls a 1,850 three-bet by an opponent seated in the cutoff. The action, rather tamely, checks around to the river on a board of [Jh] [Ts] [9h] [Qc] [Jd], before sparking to life.

Chouity bets 3,200, and his opponent (who is having a massage) suddenly wakes up with a raise to 8,500. Chouity’s eyebrows do a little dance, but it doesn’t prevent him from calling. His opponent shows pocket sevens, for the bluff, and Chouity shows [Ks] [2s] for the straight.

Chouity ~ 55,000

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