Chouity Having Fun

Sep 6, 2014

Nicolas Chouity Nicolas Chouity opens to 1,325, in early position, and the big blind defends.

“I check blind and will check-raise any flop.” Says the big blind.

The dealer puts [Qs] [5h] [4h] out there and Chouity checks behind.

The big blind erupts with laughter.

Turn: [Js]

The big blind checks, Chouity bets 2,000, the big blind check-raises to 5,400, the whole table starts laughing, and Chouity calls.

River: [6c]

The big blind checks and it’s Chouity’s turn to start laughing. The big blind mucks his hand and Chouity shows the lone [9d].

Chouity ~ 74,000

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