Chouity Hurts Morady

Sep 9, 2014

We join the action on a board of [9h] [3h] [3d] [2c], and we believe up until this point Abbas Morady has check called a 53,000 flop bet and is now facing a 104,000 turn bet.

Morady cracks a few knuckles before eventually calling. The dealer pushes the [Kd] onto the river, Morady quickly checks, Chouity bets 142,000 and Morady cracks a few more knuckles.

Eventually, after two minutes pause Morady calls. Chouity shows [As] [Ks] for two pair, and Morady bangs the table hard before passing along his chips.

Chouity ~ 1,115,000
Morady ~ 138,000

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