Chouity Putting Devkin to the Test

Sep 9, 2014

Christian Christner opens the cutoff to 40,000, Nicolas Chouity flats on the button, and Igor Devkin squeezes from the big blind to 130,000. Christner moves out of the way, but Chouity wants to see some cards.

Flop: [8d] [7s] [6h]

Devkin checks, Chouity bets 129,000, and Devkin calls.

Turn: [Qh]


River: [5d]

Devkin checks once more, Chouity bets 315,000 and Devkin goes into thought mode. After the next few minutes of uncertainty, Devkin shows appreciation to Chouity for a hand well played, and folds his hand.

Chouity ~ 2,750,000
Devkin ~ 1,200,000

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