Chris Kruk Defeats Olivier Busquet

Jun 20, 2021

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Olivier Busquet limps with Club 9Heart 9 and calls Kruk’s shove instantly. Kruk shows up with two overs – Club 10Diamond Q – and wins as it comes Diamond 7Diamond AHeart QDiamond JDiamond 3.

Busquet is left with a single big blind after that clash but doubles twice. In the first hand he flops trips with Diamond 5Diamond 3 against Spade 6Club 6 and the next he makes a flush with Club JHeart 7 against Kruk’s Club 4Club 8 to get back to four big blinds.

Ultimately, though, it’s not enough as Kruk jams and Busquet calls.

“I got a really good hand,” Busquet says before the software reveals his Club 9Heart 9.

“Me too,” Kruk replies with a smile as he shows Club QClub A.

The board runs out Heart KClub 10Spade 5Club JHeart 4 and Kruk wins the match with turned Broadway.

“Good game man, good luck in the next round,” Busquet says before exiting. Chris Kruk on to the next round.

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