Chris Lee Out-Rivers Travis Egbert

May 24, 2023

Travis Egbert limps his small blind and Chris Lee checks his big blind to see a flop of X X.

Egbert bets 30,000 on the Diamond 4Heart 5Club K flop and Lee calls.

The turn is the Spade 9 and Egbert sizes up to 115,000, which Lee again calls.

On the Spade Q river, Egbert now checks, as does Lee.

Egbert shows Club QSpade 10 for a rivered pair of queens. Lee shows Heart QClub J for a pair of queens with a kicker a single pip higher than Egberts to take the pot.

Chris Lee – 2,200,000 (73 bb)
Travis Egbert – 1,425,000 (47 bb)

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