Chris Moorman Busts a Player

Aug 23, 2014

Three players see a flop of [Qc10c8h]. The player in the big blind checks, then reigning LA Poker Classic champ Chris Moorman bets 2,300 from middle position.  The player on the button raises to 6,300 and the player in the big blind gets out of the way.

Action gets back to Moorman and he moves all-in,having his opponent’s remaining 22,000 or so covered.

The other player thinks a bit, then stands to survey the situation. He takes the earbuds draped around his neck and starts to wind the cord around his fingers, as if he is getting ready to put them away.  He takes a few more seconds, then calls, showing [Qs10s] for top two pair.

He is up against Moorman’s monster draw with [7c9c]. The turn is the [2s], keeping the all-in player out front, but the river brings the [Kc], giving Moorman his flush and the pot.

Chris Moorman – 102,000

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