Christie Ellis Hates The Cowboys

Nov 10, 2014

We spoke about the ‘London Crew’ that all travelled up together earlier, with Christie Ellis, Tom Wallsgrove, Charlie Godwin, Gabriel Carter and David Zermon all fighting for a Day 2 place. Well, only two are left in ti now, with Tom busting earlier, Charlie exiting soon after and now Christie on her way home too. 

Christie shoved from early position with around 18,000 with [TsTh] and everyone passed apart from the man in the big blind, who announced ‘all-in’ despite only needing to call. It’s not a good sign!  He turned over pocket kings, and they held despite a sweaty board of [Ad6dQhJdJh] playing out.

Gabriel and David have made the mature suggestion that they wager a ‘Chicken Dinner Last Longer’ bet, with a popular poultry franchise restaurant just over the road here at DTD. 

Let’s see who’s chicken… 

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