Christina Lindley Doubles Up

Dec 15, 2014

The player under the gun raises to 400, Cliff Josephy calls from middle position, and Christina Lindley calls from the big blind.

The flop comes 4spade4club2club and Lindley checks. The under the gun player bets and both Josephy and Lindley call.

The turn brings the 10spade and and Lindley checks. The player under the gun bets 2,000 and Josephy raises to 6,500. Lindley calls, then the player under the gun four-bet an additional 15,000 or so.

Josephy thought for quite a while before folding, while Lindley wasted little time before moving all-in. The under the gun player calls.

Lindley tables 10heart10club for a ful house, while her opponent show QspadeQdiamond for two pair, queens and fours. The river brings the 9club and Lindley rakes in the substantial pot to more than double up.

Christina Lindley – 75,000
Cliff Josephy – 23,000

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