Christina Lindley Triples Up

Aug 25, 2014

Three players get it all-in preflop, including Christina Lindley and Darren Rabinowitz. Lindley is the shortest stack of the trio with 11,500. Rabinowitz has the other player in the hand covered. Here are the hands:

Lindley: [8h8s]
Other all-in player: [AsQs]
Rabinowitz: [AcAd]

Rabinowitz has the most chips and the best hand, that is, until the flop comes [KsKh8c], giving Lindley a full house.

The turn brings the [10h] and the river the [2s] to give Lindley the main pot, Rabinowitz the side pot, and send the third player to the rail.

As Rabinowitz and Lindley stack chips, Rabinowitz smiles and jokes, "Ones to Watch? How about ones to watch hit two outers?"

Christina Lindley – 35,000
Darren Rabinowitz – 67,500

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