Christner Doubles Through Buonanno

Sep 9, 2014

Christian Christner Antonio Buonanno opens to 40,000, in early position, and when the action folds around to Christian Christner, in the big blind, he three-bets to 130,000 (leaving 375k behind). Back to the Italian and he four-bets to 260,000, Christner moves all-in and Buonanno calls.


Christner: [Ah] [Ac]
Buonanno: [Ad] [Qh]

Board: [9h] [6h] [4d] [4s] [8s]

Buonanno is dead by the turn, and Christner doubles up.

Christner ~ 1,060,000
Buonanno ~ 970,000

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