Christner Takes a Chunk From Daher

Sep 7, 2014

Christian Christner has become a contender after sparring with Albert Daher. Here is the action thanks to our friends at PokerNews.

There was a standard raise before Christner three-bet to 94,00 from the small blind. Daher was seated in the big blind and he cold four-bet to 18,000. The initial raiser folded, Christner five-bet to 40,500 and Daher made the call.

Flop: [5d] [4d] [2d]

Christner bet 38,000 and Daher made the call.

Turn: [9c]

Christner moved all-in, and Daher pondered his decision for a while before eventually folding.

Christner ~ 294,000
Daher ~ 107,000

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