Christoph Vogelsang Goes into the Lead

Sep 24, 2020

Daniel Dvoress opts to limp the button with Spade ADiamond K and then flat-call Christoph Vogelsang’s raise to 38,000 with Heart AClub 10.

The flop is great for Vogelsang who makes trips on Club 5Heart 10Spade 10. He then goes for three streets of value with 21,000 on the flop, 64,000 on the Diamond 8 turn and 170,000 into 255,000 pot bet on the Spade 2 river.

Dvoress calls each bet and drops to 30 blinds, while Vogelsang is now in the chip lead with 110 big blinds.

Christoph Vogelsang – 1.1 million
Daniel Dvoress – 301,000

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