Christopher Puetz Rivers a Double

Feb 23, 2020

Renato Nowak raises to 125,000 from early position with the Spade AClub K, Hossein Ensan flats on his left with the Diamond 9Diamond 8, and Christopher Puetz comes along from the big blind with the Heart 6Heart 2.

Nowak is the only player to miss the Spade 6Heart 8Club 5 flop but he c-bets 200,000 and both Ensan and Puetz call.

The Heart 3 lands on the turn and Puetz checks again. Nowak barrels for 375,000, Ensan calls, and Puetz check-raises all in for 695,000. Nowak folds and Ensan calls to prompt a showdown.

Puetz has a ton of outs to connect to, and the Heart 7 is one of them as he finishes with a flush.

Christopher Puetz – 2,800,000
Hossein Ensan – 2,400,000
Renato Nowak – 1,200,000

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