Christopher Usude Eliminated by Cory Albertson

Jan 11, 2020

Christopher Usude

There is 19,500 in the pot, and the flop reads Heart KDiamond 8Diamond 7 when Cory Albertson bets 8,500 from middle position. Christopher Usude raises all in for 50,500 under the gun, and Alberston tanks for a few minutes before calling to just barely cover him. The two players then table their cards.

Albertson: Club AClub K
Usude: Diamond KDiamond Q

Turn and River: Heart 10Heart 7

Usude is eliminated from the tournament, and Alberston stacks up 130,000 after the hand.

Cory Albertson – 130,000 (52 bb)
Christopher Usude – Eliminated

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