Three big players in this WPT500 Nottingham have all won hands that keep the dream alive here at Dusk Till Dawn, with just one level to come and one hours poker between them and a Day 3 seat. 

First, Chaz Chattha doubled-up when he shoved for around 200,000 with [KcQc] and managed to hit a king against [7h7d].  

Then, Fatih Unal busted two players when his [AcKd] took out two players holding [QhQd] and [5s4s] respectively, all-in pre-flop on a [3s3hKs6s3d] board. 

Finally, Danny Toffel leapt to the chip lead at 1.9 million when he won with [KsKc] toppling [AsQd] pre-flop to eliminate a man, before he slow-played aces on a kin-high flop that saw an ace hit the river before Danny called his tablemate’s chips away. Brilliant. 

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