Cliff Josephy Doubles Thru Zo Karim

Sep 17, 2014

Zo Karim raises to 11,000 in late position and action folds to Cliff Josephy in the big blind.

"The first one is good," Josephy tells him. He then looks at his second card and moves all-in for 75,000 total.

Karim quickly calls with [AcKc]. Josephy shows [QsJs].

The flop comes [9s5s3d], giving Josephy a flush draw. He completes his flush with the [3s] on the turn. The river is an inconsequential [9c], giving Josephy the pot and the double up.

Karim asks Josephy, "Did you think I was opening light there?"

"I had the queen-jack suited. I won a bracelet with that!"

Cliff Josephy – 160,000 (32 bb)
Zo Karim – 178,000 (36 bb)

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