ClubWPT Qualifier David Daggett Doubles Up; Matt Brady Busts

Apr 23, 2014

ClubWPT David Daggett 2
Layne Flack opens to 5,400 in middle position and Matt Brady three-bet shoves on the button for about 56,000. ClubWPT Qualifer David Daggett (pictured above) calls all in for 38,200 from the small blind and Flack folds.

Brady:  [Th9h]
Daggett:  [AsKh]

The board runs out [AcKcTs3dJc], giving Daggett two pair to double thru Matt Brady. Unfortunately for Brady, he was eliminated a short while later.

Doug Daggett  –  86,000  (35 bb)
Matt Brady  –  Eliminated

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