ClubWPT's Alec Minnis Eliminated by Allyn Shulman

Aug 25, 2014

ClubWPT Alec Minnis 1
After a flop of Q-J-x, ClubWPT qualifier Alec Minnis bets 2,500, and his two opponents call. The turn card is a blank, Minnis bets 6,000, and his two opponents call.

The river card is a K, and Minnis moves all in. One player folds, and Allyn Shulman calls.

Minnis shows K-K for a set of kings, but Shulman turns over 10-9 to win the pot with a king-high straight, and eliminate Minnis from the tournament.

Allyn Shulman  –  145,000  (290 bb)
Alec Minnis  –  Eliminated

Minnis won his entry into the WPT Legends of Poker in a satellite on, along with a full travel package.

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