Cory Hochman Eliminated in 59th Place by Binh Nguyen

Feb 29, 2016

Corey Hochman is all in for 25,000 from the big blind in a multi-way pot with Glenn Lafaye (middle position) and Binh Nguyen (button).

Lafaye and Nguyen check to the river on a board of Club JHeart JHeart 4Diamond 6Diamond 8, and Lafaye shows Spade ASpade 10 for ace high. Hochman turns over Diamond AHeart Q for ace high with a better kicker.

But Nguyen turns over Spade 5Club 5 for two pair, jacks and fives, to win the pot and eliminate Hochman from the tournament.

Binh Nguyen  –  470,000  (78 bb)
Corey Hochman  –  Eliminated in 59th Place  ($18,240)

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