Cowboys for Isaac Haxton See Him Take the Chip Lead

Sep 24, 2020

A big hand is brewing here, with two strong hands dealt to the finalists. Isaac Haxton has Diamond KSpade K and he opens to 50,000, which Michael Addamo three-bets to 225,000 with Club AClub 10. Haxton goes in for a small four-bet and Addamo calls the 520,000 total bet.

On the Spade QHeart 5Club 5 flop, Haxton c-bets 210,000 and Addamo calls to see a Diamond 9 land on the turn. It goes check-check and a Spade 10 completes the board. Haxton moves all in for 1.1 million at this point but Addamo is able to get away from his pair of rivered tens.

That pot sees Haxton take the lead for the first time with almost a 2:1 chip advantage now.

Isaac Haxton – 2.6 million
Michael Addamo – 1.4 million

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