Craig Chait Eliminated in 34th Place and Jeremy Kottler Eliminated in 33rd Place by Alex Keating

Mar 1, 2016

Jeremy Kottler

Craig Chait (pictured below) moves all in for 99,000 from early position and Jeremy Kottler (pictured above moves all in from the hijack for 101,000. Action folds around to Alex Keating in the big blind, who calls and all three hands are tabled.

Chait shows Spade AHeart A and is in great shape to triple up against Kottler’s Diamond ADiamond K and Keatings Diamond 10Club 10. The flop is Club QHeart 10Diamond 3, giving Keating middle set, Kottler a gutshot straight draw and leaving Chait drawing to one out.

The turn is the Spade 4 and the river is the Spade 2 to give the pot to Keating and eliminate two players in the process. With Kottler having the slightly bigger stack, he earns 33rd place while Chait gets credited with 34th place.

Alex Keating  –  850,000  (107 bb)
Jeremy Kottler  –  Eliminated in 33rd Place  ($29,570)
Craig Chait  –  Eliminated in 34th Place  ($29,570)

Craig Chait

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